A Guide to Healthy Drinking Water during Travel

One of the most important challenges when preparing for a trip is Healthy Drinking Water During Travel. If it is a long hiking trip, it is especially important to calculate the required amount of water in advance, taking traveling conditions into account. Of course, if your route leads through settlements, you can buy bottled water there. However, because of the global problem of plastics, we will concentrate on the ways to get suitable for drinking water as well as to stay eco-friendly.

Filtered water bottles

While on a trip, Taking a filtered water bottle with you will solve the water problem a lot, as it makes water from any source suitable for drinking. Water maynot be that clean but will be ok for drinking.Carrying the filtered water bottle may be both benefit and demerit.For its merits, it will be easier to carry anywhere and not worry about drinking healthy water.

Boiling water

 Boiling water destroys 99% of harmful water impurities, bacteria and viruses.So, No matter ,you use any tap water or ground water, if you boil it you can drink it. However, this process does takes quite a while (until water boils and then cools) and also adds extra weight to the backpack as you will need to carry a kettle or a pot to boil the water. Also you need to have fire source for boiling.

Water purification tablets


There are tablets that are made to remove unwanted impurities, bacteria, parasites and chemicals from drinking water. As this tablets doesn’t takes up much space and is lightweight, most of travelers prefers this water purification tablets. Also they fit in pocket. Furthermore, no additional purifying equipment is needed. For the same reason, they are easy to both forget and lose. Their ease of use could also be mentioned as an advantage. But for demerits, this water doesn’t taste good.


Prepare water supplies in advance

Before leaving , you can prepare your water supplies at home. Then you will no longer have to think about it during the trip. So for this you should have proper drinking water filtered at home. For this you may need proper filtration system. Such a system will be durable and useful not only for your trips but also for daily use at home



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