Bhai Tika

The bond of siblings deepens with every lining of Tikas in the forehead

Tihar Celebration

Tihar has many rituals involved like Kag Puja, Kukura Puja and other main celebrations that gives spritual vibes to the whole Nepal

Fire Crackers

Cracking these firecracker gives a moment of fun and craziness.

City with Lights

The moment when we feel the tihar vibe is when the city is well decorated and smiling with lights everywhere

Nepal, the country of Himalayas isn’t only famous for its mountains, but also for its diversity in culture, tradition and religion. Nepalese people celebrate a lot of festivals throughout the year. These festivals are celebrated by different ethnic groups. Nepal is a secular state where many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim and others. Each religion has different festivals to celebrate. Me being a Hindu, celebrate a lot of Hindu’s festival. We celebrate a lot of festivals like Dashain, Teej, Shivaratri and many more.But out of these mine personal favorite is Tihar – The Festival of Lights

Tihar – The Festival of Lights

Tihar is one of the major Hindu festivals that is celebrated for five days in October. But This year, Tihar has been little late and we are celebrating it in Mid- November. Tihar, a celebration of lights and color dedicated to Goddess Laxmi, too reveals social joy all over the country. The five days are called Yama-Panchaka because the whole period is dedicated to the worship of Yama (Yamaraj) the God of Death.

Tihar festival begins with worship of crow and completes with Bhai Tika (worshipping brothers). The first day of this festival also called Kaag Tihar is the day of the crow. Crow is believed to be the massagers of Yama. The second day of tihar called “Kukur Tihar) day of the dog. Dog is worshipped according to the religious ritual. Tika is mark of blessing on dogs’ foreheads on the creature along with garlands and feed them different varieties of the foods. The holy cow is worshipped on the morning of the third day. The fourth day of Gobardhan Puja performed to honor Krishna’s of lifting the mountain Gobardhan to protect his peoples from a terrible rain and floods. 


Bhai Tika is the final day of  this festival. Bhai Tika is the day people look forward to. In some communities, sisters and brothers accept tika from each other. Bhai means brother in Nepali. Brothers and sisters honor each other and the sisters pray to Yama, the God of Death, for their brothers’ progress, prosperity and longevity. The brothers bring gifts to their sisters and the festival ends with feasting.


The reasons behind Tihar being my favourite Festival are :

  1. Houses all over the country are lit up with extra lights and decorated with garlands. A great view can be had of the brightly lit-up Kathmandu city from the Swoyambhunath Stupa.
  2. Every house, buildings and temples are graced by the rows of light, usually the traditional Nepali lamp of twisted cotton wick in a small clay bowl of mustard oil.
  3. During this festival, I greatly enjoy firecrackers. Cracking these firecrackers gives me the lot of happiness.
  4. The houses are cleaned and everything in the cities are decorated that gives a beautiful and joyful vibe.
  5. Deusi Bhailo is one the main reason behind my liking of Tihar, As children and teenagers go door to door singing Deusi and Bhailo (traditional Tihar song and dance)

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