Activities of National Tourist Organization

National Tourist Organization (NTO) is the body responsible for the formulation and implementation of national tourist policy. It is the proper agency and instrument for the execution of the national government’s responsibilities for the control, direction and promotion of tourism. All countries which are engaged in tourism have a national tourism organization which plays a leading role in both the formulation and the implementation of the government’s
tourism programme.

Activities of National Tourist Organization for Tourism Promotion


  1. Educational or Familiarization Tours

Fam tour is “a short tour geared toward the press or travel trade to familiarize them with the attractions of a particular area. The hope is that after the tour the press will write stories and articles about the area, and the travel trade will begin to book tours there.”For Example PATA Fam Tour

Participants are ;

  1. people who publish in traditional media like newspapers, tv and magazines
  2. people who publish online with blogs, videos, audio, photos and the like people who book tours, like
  3. group tour organizers people who recommend travel, like your state or regional tourism groups

Educational or these tours might be organized by NTO to let the people or trade involved intourism industry about the existence of product or services.

     2. Tourist Workshops:

These are normally organized in the market (tourist generating country/region) itself with the intention to bring together all the main components of the tourist industry ie hotels travel trade, airlines and other providers of tourist services of both the tourist receiving and generating countries. It enables firstly to promote the tourist product mix of the receiving country to the travel trade and secondly, provides opportunity to establish working relationship between travel principals of together tourist and generating countries.

  1. Sales Seminar:

Sales seminars are organized in the tourist generating country to familiarize the travel trade with the tourist product and latest development in the tourist industry of its country to motivate it to increase sales and to encourage travel there.

  1. Sales Calls

Sales calls are made by NTO’s staff or travel agent with a view to assist travel retailers in selling the country by providing then with information, advices and promotional materials. NTO may also acquire the suggestion and advices from travel trade abroad through sales calls.

  1. Direct Mailing

Direct mailing of the tourist information is regularly carried out by the national tourist organization with a view to keep the travel trade adequately equipped of the required

information and effectively sell and promote the country.

  1. News Letter

Permanent channel of communication is normally established by national tourist office through regular issuance and distribution of newsletter and bulletin. It is through newsletters or bulletins travel trade is informed of the relevant developments of the tourist product and the tourist industry of the country. It also attempts to promote the sales of the product.

  1. Sales Incentives

In order to increase sales, the national tourist office may provide incentives or bonuses usually in the form of the free holidays or material gifts, special discounts or concession for children or family groups to consumers.

  1. Promotional Evenings

These may be organized exclusively for members of the travel trade and are basicallygood will exercises. They are usually staged in hotels or similar establishments and combine with food, drinks and entertainment.

  1. Participation in Tourism Fairs and Exhibitions

This is done with suitably decorated stands which present the tourist attraction of the country.

Here the NTO aims at contacting large number potential tourists in order to inform them about the tourist attractions of its country and persuade them to travel there. In doing so, the tourist office distributes relatively large quantities of tourist information in different form to the interested people.

  1. Window Displays Campaigns

Specially designed display materials are exhibited in travel agencies and other retail outletsto give promotional exposure to the product at its point of sales.

    11. Other Consumer Promotional Events

In order to convert potential into real consumer demand, to create goodwill towards productand improve its image, various other promotional events may be organized. Some of the mostcommon events of this kind are promotional evenings, exhibition of arts and handicrafts and national weeks.


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