Nepal Tourism Recovery Taskforce

Tourism Recovery Task Force (TRTF-Nepal )is a joint initiative by PATA Nepal Chapter and SKAL Nepal, which has brought together industry veterans, professionals, and leading global tourism organisations as ‘advisors’, the prominent tourism associations in Nepal as ‘associational patrons’, the key agencies or organisations working in safety and security concerns of travellers as ‘health and safety patrons’ and the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) as ‘industry patron’ to intensify the collective efforts for tourism recovery.

Reason Behind Formation of TRTF-Nepal

After the outbreak of Covid-19, the world suffered a lot. What it has affected the most is the Global Tourism Sector.In order to re-start of tourism operations as quickly and effectively as possible, this force consisting of group of Tourism Professionals, Authorities, and Thought Leaders is formed.During these most difficult and challenging times, we need to work together, more than ever, to build back better a more resilient and sustainable tourism in our country. 

Main Motives of TRTF- Nepal

The Task Force aims to encompass all Nepalese stakeholders onto a single platform to intensify collective efforts, engagement, and advocacy towards achieving our common mission of tourism recovery!

  • The Taskforce shall cooperate and align the rational, responsible, progressive, and constructive advocacy with the government and decision-making authorities in tourism on how best Nepal’s tourism sector can adapt with and recover from the COVID-19 Crisis.
  • The Taskforce shall coordinate for better collaborations with key authorities/ organizations, and effective communication, ensuring consistency of messaging with updates in source markets through various channels.
  • The Taskforce shall suggest the plan and possible resources with the government and the private-sector tourism stakeholders through different initiatives, webinars, and programs towards the revival of tourism in a more resilient and sustainable manner.
  • The Taskforce shall maintain a global alliance with key international bodies (including UNWTO, PATA, WTTC, SKAL, and others) and national agencies and organizations to combine and boost up the recovery efforts. 
  • The Task Force shall initiate or, undertake the promotional campaign about the destination’s preparedness, updates, and unique offerings to enhance favorable publicity among source markets at the national, regional, and international levels through its various Communication Channels.

Structure of TRTF-Nepal

Industry Patrons 
Associate Patrons
Task Force

Desh Darshan

A domestic tourism promotion campaign #DeshDarshan is also launched by Hon’ble Minister Mr. Yogesh Bhattrai amidst a valuable presence of the key leaders and professionals of the tourism industry.

Our Effort For Tourism Recovery :

Lets Support the Tourism Recovery Task Force by :

1. Following the Campaign of Desh Darshan, Lets visit to different holiday destinations of Nepal.Why go abroad for holidays and travel, when nepal is full of amazing tourism destinations which offers adventure to luxury experiences.

2. Lets support TRTF-Nepal by completing the surveys conducted by the task force.

3. We can support TRTF-Nepal by sharing the news of Tourism Recovery to various people through social media platforms, the more information distributes, the more faster tourism recovers

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